05/07: Just wanted to give you an update on Claus. He is home from the trainers and doing great!!! . . . claus1The trainer . . . took a pic of him while she was training him and oh my gosh!!!!! It captures him to a tee!!! Stunning, massive, beautiful ,expressive eyes and oh so incredibly REGAL!!! A more impressive dog would most definitely be almost impossible to find!! (I am slightly prejudiced,of course!!) Although I'm sure you always strive to produce the very best of quality, I think you've more than outdone yourself with him!!! He is just magnificent!! — Annemarie (Vermont, USA)


11/26/07: Claus has been rehomed and is now living in New Hampshire. We are so happy with Claus' new home. We know he is getting lots of attention, goes everywhere with his new "dad" who is very active — just what a young dog like Claus needs. Below is a note from Claus' new owner:


We found out that tennis balls are his life. As long as he has a tennis ball he has no interest in chewing anything. We haven't picked up a crate yet, but we are planning on doing it very soon. He also likes to follow me when I'm on the mountain bike. The trails in our back yard are ideal for him. He keeps up with no problem. ~ Matt (New Hampshire, USA)


03/04/08: Sorry for the long delay with the pics. First Claus makes a toy of my USB cord, then my camera starts acting up. I took a pic of Claus the other day after the snow storm. I was outside with him playing ball and got this shot of him making the face he makes when he sees a tennis ball. ~ Matt


claus203/04/08 update: He really has changed. I don't know if he is just mature now that he's a bit older or what, but he has broken some of his old trends. Sometimes he will chew something, but that is only when we are out. I used to yell at him when he did it, but now that I recently read that its his way of coping with me being gone or dealing with stress I don't bother anymore. Instead I spoil him. Now he has has his own bachelor pad in the finished side of the basement. He likes the fact that he has his own sofa, tv, chew toys etc down there . . . . He has broken many of his bad habits and now he likes to swim. I cannot believe how fast he learns. After all his habits were broken (anxiety etc) I started teaching simple tricks. It took him 20 minutes to get “paw” without any problems. It really seems that he wants to learn. Anyway that's pretty much all that's going on. He likes going on hikes and doesn't let his ball out of his sight. ~ Matt


03/27/08: Claus is by far the best thing that has happened to me in a while. It took some time to get him to adjust to some things, but we have realized that he is a genius. I'm not even exaggerating. He is so smart its incredible. He never runs away, never goes after someone walking their dog, and he learns so fast and retains it well. New tricks are something that he has an interest in learning. Simple things like paw and roll-over he picked up in ten minutes. He never likes to be away from me for too long. We found that he gets anxiety and can't sit still even if I go to the grocery store . . . He is getting used to water and he's starting to swim a little with the help of my friend's labs. They are a few years older and have taught him not to hesitate if the ball goes in the water. We also found that he enjoys watching TV. Animal Planet, Lassie, etc. Anything with dogs will keep his eyes glued to the TV. I was watching something one day and fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up, White Fang was on and the outline of 2 big floppy attentive ears were parked directly in front of the TV. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard . . . He loves car rides and he gets special treatment everywhere he goes. On top of claiming the back seat of my Escalade, he is welcomed at everyone's house. Friends and family who would never allow a dog in their home have no problem letting him in. He is liked by all and has never once snipped or growled at any of my nephews. Just a big teddy bear. ~ Matt


05/20/08: His summer coat is so soft, he loses a lot of the black that he has in the winter coat. Other than that he is still chasing tennis balls as well as squirrels, which he perceives as tennis balls with legs. Every year we have a wiffle ball tournament at my buddies house. claus4 We have one in the month of May and one in July. The one we just had was on the day of the Derby. It started at 9 am and went until 1 am the following day. 50 guys, multiple teams, and a trophy that we have engraved for each tournament. This is something that we take very seriously. Some of the tournaments have a prize of around 10 grand to the winner. Throughout the day there are always at least 3-4 pitchers practicing until it is their time. CLAUS WAS IN HEAVEN!!! The practice area for the upcoming pitchers has tubs filled with a couple hundred wiffle balls. He couldn't control himself. Every single practice pitch from every pitcher was retrieved. He completely ignored the fact why I brought him there (just to hang out and play with the other dogs), and was so tired at the end of the day he couldn't walk.


He wasn't allowed anywhere near where the game was going on because he took it upon himself to dominate left, right, and center field every time the ball went in the air. Other than that he is still the most mellow, easy going, happy dog.


PS... I don't know why, but I was looking at malamutes on you tube. Claus likes to sing when he sees this on the comp. ~ Matt




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