AAKS is the first King Shepherd breeder to utilize a white King Shepherd within a breeding program, and our female Powder and male Polar's January 2009 litter was the first all white King Shepherd litter in the history of the breed. We currently remain the only King Shepherd breeder in the world to intentionally breed for all-white coats. With the help of UC-Davis (who does our dogs' DNA profiling), we have established that Polar not only carries the recessive white gene but also the dominant black gene. This means that when we breed for a litter of white pups we get white pups.


The Powder/Polar combination has produced pups not only of tremendous size and beauty, but with the best temperament and personality any family could ask for. There are no health, hip, or temperament issues with white King Shepherds different from the traditional colored coated KSDs. They are the same as any other King Shepherd, they just have a white coat. Unfortunately, due to “politics” within certain breed clubs, the standard for the King Shepherd breed was changed in March 2008 to categorize the white coat as a disqualifying color. The same decision on was adopted by AKC German Shepherd and Long Coat German Shepherds for the show ring: that white coats are excused from the show ring — except . . .


. . . at a very young age, our white coat Powder took a Best Jr Puppy Group in Chicago at the 2007 Windy City Classic and Best in Breed and a Best in Junior Puppy Group at the 2007 Motor City Classic!

And we are extremely proud that — although the whites are now a disqualified color with in the KSD show ring — Powder still went on to earn American, Canadian, and International Championship titles.


So what does this say regarding the white coat? It says the white coat can have as excellent a conformation and flowing gait of any King Shepherd coat color.


The white colored King Shepherd are so very unique and still not all that common in this already rare breed.

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