A Brief History of the Development of the King Shepherd Dog

The following is paraphrased from the King Shepherd Club International (KSCI) Home Page on 04/14/08:


The King Shepherd breed began its development in 1996.  The original vision was of an extra large or giant-sized German Shepherd.  The vision included differences in temperament, conformation and size — as compared to the German Shepherd.  The German Shepherd is the foundation of the King Shepherd.


The first rare breed organization that recognized the King Shepherd was the American Rare Breed Association (ARBA), followed by International Rarities & North American Kennel Club (NAKC). Its definition on how a G1 generation King Shepherd could be produced was by “breeding a King to a German Shepherd; breeding a King to a Shiloh Shepherd (another "rare breed" which is influenced by the German Shepherd); and breeding a German Shepherd to a Shiloh Shepherd.” Originally, the King Shepherd was produced by selective breedings of specific bloodlines of German Shepherd dogs that deviated from the AKC “ideal” German Shepherd Standard of the Breed.  Using the Shiloh Shepherd was disallowed several years ago.


The King is unique because it deviates from the “ideal” German Shepherd that is described in the AKC German Shepherd Standard of the Breed.  The goal of the KSCI & KSCIR is to work on the evolution of the King Shepherd breed by carefully selecting breeding pairs through health/temperament testing as well as utilizing DNA testing on all dogs registered with the KSCIR.


The King Shepherd Breed Standard

The American King Shepherd Club Standard of the Breed (as approved March 2008) says “A King Shepherd SHOULD NOT look like a long haired German Shepherd.” The North American Kennel Club reiterates this statement on the breed standard PDF published on its web site.


A King Shepherd Dog Pedigree Database

The Rare Breed Pedigrees (RBP) site publishes a King Shepherd pedigree database (as well as other rare breeds) compiled with information from breeders and owners. This is a good place to learn about how various breeds (primarily German Shepherd, plus Shiloh as well as other flock guardian dogs) have been used in the development of the American King Shepherd.

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