There is a heated discussion on King Shepherd forums about the breed's hip health. We wish to make it very clear that the hip records for our dams and sires have been posted on this web site from the very beginning as part of our commitment to transparency and to help potential pet owners and KSD breeders in selecting a puppy. Our dogs' hip records have been and will continue to be available to the public on this site as well as on official sites whenever possible. We request the OFA site to post our reports, and would request PennHip post them if that organization offered the option.


OFA and PennHip differ in the way they access hip soundness. OFA rates with a word grading (excellent, good and fair are within normal limits and are given OFA numbers), PennHip uses a mathematical average that varies according to a breed's conformation.


OFA evaluation is based on three randomly selected, board-certified veterinary radiologists human eye judgment of an xray in the hip-extended view of the dog on its back with its legs extended and parallel, the stifles rotated internally and the pelvis symmetric. The radiologist determines by eye evaluation whether the dog's hip ball (femoral head) fits properly into the hip ball socket (acetabular notch). The OFA site states the OFA rating of a dog's hips can vary from one radiologist to another due to "the subjective nature of the evaluation". (See this OFA page for more information.)


PennHip analysis consists of three separate radiographs. The [1] distraction view (as if the dog were standing) and [2] compression view (the femurs are positioned in a neutral, stance-phase orientation and the femoral heads are pushed fully into the sockets) are used to obtain accurate and precise measurements of joint laxity and congruity. The [3] hip-extended view (the dog on its back with its legs extended and parallel, the stifles rotated internally and the pelvis symmetric.) is used to obtain supplementary information regarding the existence of degenerative joint disease (DJD) of the hip joint. A mathematical joint angle is measured and assessed, with the result being a statement of joint laxity, the average of which varies with each breed's conformation. A breeder's goal should be to create pups with lesser degree of laxity rather than more. More information can be found on the PennHip site.


The table below contains links to our breeding stock's hip health records. Records pertaining to AAKS litters will be posted as we receive them from the puppies' owners.


OFA/PennHip Scores Chart


Amy's Acres King Shepherds

Berrin CH Whispering Woods Berrin of CDC

OFA Fair

Brutis CH Amy's Acres Sirius Brutis (12/06 Windy/Polar) L.54 R.52
Cilla CH Whispering Woods Amys Acres Kings Cilla Bruin of CDC L.46 R.65
Hillary Daiquiris Hillary L.42 R.38
Lady PT Brooxye Lynn’s Lovely Lady of Amy’s Acres L.48 R.63
Lil' Red CH Friendship’s Carmen Lady of Amy’s Acres L.52 R.52
Onyx Amy's Acres Black Onyx Gem OFA PreL Good
Polar CDC's Amy Acres Kings Polar OFA Good (18 mo. Prelim)
Powder CH Powder Milk Bisquet of Amy’s Acres (09/06 Lady/Berrin) L.54 R.41
Windy CH Windswept Woods of Amy’s Acres L.43 R.41


03/08 Hillary/Polar Litter

Onyx Amy's Acres Black Onyx Gem OFA PreL Good
Payton Amy's Acres Payton Noble Warrior of Patriot Kings Canada L .53 R .61
Ricken Ricken L.52 R.57


03/08 Lady/Berrin Litter

Sparkle Sparkle L.39 R.57


01/08 Windy/Ranger Litter

Schummi   L.70 R.43


09/07 Anna/Zack Litter

Storm Storms Lightning L.44 R.33


09/07 Lady/Berrin Litter

Axel Amy Acres King Shepherd Axel The White Beauty L.40 R.40


12/06 Windy/Polar Litter

Brutis CH Amy's Acres Sirius Brutis L.54 R.52
Sheba Guardian Kings Sheba of Amy’s Acres L.47 R.44


09/06 Lady/Berrin Litter

Piper Patriot Kings Princess Piper L.47 R.53
Powder CH Powder Milk Bisquet of Amy’s Acres L.54 R.41



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