cilla king shepherd


Cilla at 15 months. Look how tall she
is next to our 5'9" son!


Cilla is the first King Shepherd to come into our lives. Like most beginning breeders, we thought we wanted to start out with a male but once we had her we couldn’t imagine not having her. Cilla’s call name was Precilla, and for a couple weeks we tried to find her personality, calling her ‘Sis’, etc until we found just plain ‘Cilla ’fit her perfectly. Still, her personality is so well-rounded that ‘Silly Cil’ and ‘Princess Ann’ fit too, since she is so much fun and she just loves to be groomed and “prettied up”.


Cilla has earned a 2006 International Champion Title for King Shepherd with the Rarities . She is also a Grand Champion, which is an International Champion titled dog with a CGC that has “beat out” 15 other International Champions. Show Photo Galleries have the dog shows Cilla attended.


In her non-show dog life, Cilla is a therapy dog, and some of her offspring have become assistant aid dogs themselves. Cilla truly seems to blossom from the her 5 hour per week visits, when she gets tons of hugs and praises for her ever-so-soft fur.



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