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05/26/10: Just wanted to drop you a quick line and give you and update. Boo has become so much more relaxed the past two days. He is interacting with all of us now and asking for affection and attention by sliding up, leaning or pawing us when we stop rubbing for a minute. He loves loves loves his walks. Drew takes him in the morning and Sophie and I take him in the evening. He is such a great dog and everyone who sees him is so impressed with him. He loves to sit and watch Sophie play at the park, and has in the past two evenings met more and more of the neighborhood kids. They all love him and have gotten their share of licks and kisses in greeting. Everyone gushes at how gentle and sweet he is. He is right now laying on the floor next to the bed FINALLY chowing on a chew stick we gave him on the first day which let's me know he is feeling a little more at home and at ease here. We love him so so much Amy. ~ Angie


brutis1406/02/10: . . . wanted to send you a few pics we took the day we visited and a few we have take since he has gotten here. He is doing great. Each day gets more and more amazing. We broke him in this weekend. We had neighbors and their kids over Friday on the Patio for Pizza. Saturday we visited with my Friend who has a pool. The yard is fenced so he was able to hang out and chill for a little bit in the shade. He was so at ease and such a sweetie with all the kids, just as you say. He loves to give kisses. We later that day went for ice cream and a stroll in another park in the Powell area. People were sooo impressed with him.


We met a couple who currently have a German and had hear of the Kings but never had the opportunity to see one. Needless to say they were totally in awww of him. brutis17We of course talked you up and gave them your name and info so you may be hearing from them when they decide on another dog. Sunday we had a cookout with the family and he was the hit of the party. No one can believe how laid back and such a gentle baby he is. We did not do the dogs in family just yet.He has ran into a few of the neighbor dogs and is very skittish still so we decided to give it another week or so. Tonight we had Sophie's soccer game and he was terrific. He hung out at the sidelines and soaked up all the attention of the kids and passersby’s.


You know, now that I think about it, he really is like a celebrity with all the attention he gets. It’s amazing. Anyway one last thing . . . This is the best thing though… My very dear friend who lives across the street has a 4 year old who is really afraid of dogs (big or small). He has just recently started to warm up to her father's sheepdog but is still very unsure about it. Last night he met Boo. Boo walked right up to him and gave him a big old kiss without missing a beat. Brady did not even flinch, he just said hello and gave him a good rub. As we stood there visiting, Brady loved and hugged all over boo. He even asked to go to the Soccer Game with us tonight when he found out Boo was going.


It just shows me what a great soul Boo has. I have grown to love this big beautiful lug so unbelievably much in such a short time. Thanks again for everything and hope you enjoy the pictures. ~ (Ohio, USA)




07/02/10: I took the day off today and Sophie and Boo and I decided to go to one of the local state parks close by. We walked the trails, then Boo and I relaxed under the shelter house while Soph played on the playground there. On the way home I stopped to wash the car. He as you may know is sooo not excited about the car wash. He jumped from the back of the car and snuggled up to Sophie in the middle for protection. Anyway after he seemed so comfy I could not bare to make him go in the back again. After that we stopped for lunch and I got him a little treat. [Pictures below] They are not the best as they are from my phone . . . Things are good. We still need to do some work on the confidence as he is very skittish still in some instances and with some people. He has met Lucky my parents' dog. The yellow lab and things went great. They played well together. Lucky is just over a year old and still very much a puppy so Boo did have to give him a paw now and then to show him who really was the boss. Drew and he are bonding more. It is an effort for Drew for sure. Boo definitely makes him work for it. But you can see an improvement . . . should we be concerned with the fireworks and him? Has he ever been around any? We have a display here in town and I have debated on weather we take him or leave him home. Not sure which would be worse. Being closer to them but with us or being further away and alone. They can be heard from our house so that is my concern. Let me know what you think. ~ Angie


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07/15/10: He is doing soo well. I really just think we maybe expected a little too much too soon from him. brutisHe had a breakthrough with Drew the other day and actually went back upstairs to sleep with him after I left for work rather than his kennel, which is where he usually prefers to lay down in when I am not home. We were a little concerned last week as he appeared to have lost some weight( which I was sure was just the hair he had been shedding because there has had to be at least 10 LBS of hair come off that dog from the looks of the comb and sweeper ha-ha:-) But there had also been a few loose stools off and on, so I wanted to just be sure. He is fine - the vet said that there had been several complaints like that the last few weeks. They really thought it was just the heat playing havoc on the furry little fellows. As far as the weight loss the heat as well and the fact that Boo does not eat unless I am home and actually sitting still in the downstairs. Here of late he has actually taken to eating at night when I am asleep and he is sure I am not going to get up and do anything...ha-ha. But the point of that was they all loved him and could not quit gushing on how beautiful he was and so well tempered and relaxed.


Oh yes and we got the firework answer before we needed to decide. The night before we were sitting out back and they were letting a few off in the neighborhood. He did not care if I was there or not he wanted to get inside and as far away from those things as he could. Needless to say we left him home where he would feel safe. He got to meet the other shepherd in the family this weekend. It was funny to see them. They are very similar in personality and could have cared less after the initial greeting that the other one was even there.


He will be meeting "the Girls", my sister's yellow labs . . . The girls are a little over two and very rowdy. They like to rough house with each other and bully the little brother a bit when they are all together so it will be interesting to see how they all are together with Boo. Sophie is having a pet parade at school next Wednesday and she is SOOOOOOO excited to be able to take Boo. She cannot wait. I will send some pics once we go there.


. . . Are the litters progressing? I am sure once I see the little buggers on line I am going to want Boo to have a playmate. Geez I think Drew would shoot me if I asked for a second one sooo soon...lol maybe next year, after all Boo will eventually need a playmate to keep him young right? Speaking of litters... we will be looking into getting Boo neutered in the next 4-5 months as far as I can tell. I think winter will be better since he will not be as active as he is now . . . Thanks again for everything. ~ Angie


10/19/10: Brutis is doing well. He is up to a two mile run with me now, and there are days I think he would keep going if I let him. I know there are days he pushed me a little harder when I was being lazy and didn't really want to get my run in. There is no slacking with Boo. He and Drew are much much closer. And he has his little routine with him now with taking Sophie to school and picking her up. Drew said now when [Brutis] knows it is time he goes and sits by the door waiting for Drew (and Sophie in the morning) to go for his ride . . . As Always- thanks so much for the chance to have this wonderful, loving part of our family. ~ Angie

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