06/28/10 AAKS NOTE: We have placed Brutis with a family in Ohio who had been waiting on a puppy. The dad isa Police officer and wanted a dog to be with his family when he was away. When I mentioned Booboo (Brutis) ,they drove up for a visit and decided he was the dog for them. The next weekend, I took Booboo to them and was very impressed with the entire family and where he would be living. Here are updates from his new family along with photos they've sent. I can't express how happy I am for our Brutis. As a young three year who still is very much a puppy, he is so lucky to have a family of his own to give him the attention he needs as Number One. He's going to be living a great life and we couldn't be more thankful for Drew, Angie, and their lovely daughter Sophie.




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