Berrin & the bobcat seeing

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How fortunate we are to have Berrin! This dog not only has the look, size and coat but the personality and temperament anyone would seek out in a dog. Berrin is gentle, yet confident and caring. And he's a big boy! At 5 years of age, he's 32 1/2 inches at the shoulder and weight 138 pounds.


We call him Bear for short, which fits because he's just about the size of a bear!


Every dog from Berrin’s litter is stunning. He's proved that he passes his excellent qualities along to his offspring, for time and time again he has produced true, top quality King Shepherds. We value having him in our breeding program — our thank yous to the Brady Family!




Berrin has earned a 2006 International Champion Title for King Shepherd with the Rarities . Check out the Show Photo Galleries to see Berrin at the dog shows he has attended.




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