goldie and ginoGoldie (Dec 2006-Jun 2008, Windy/Polar) Goldie died from bloat at the age of 18 months. As difficult as it was for him, Goldie's owner Gino explained what happened and wants to help make others aware of bloat, which occurs especially in the large dog breeds . Goldie stayed at AAKS until she was 5 months old and became a special part of our family, but we had no reservations passing her on to Gino because we knew those two were a perfect match. It has been very difficult for us here because this is our first puppy death and has made us face how, though the pups are at new homes, they always remain a part of our lives as well. We know how much Goldie meant to this family and especially Gino, and we are thankful that Goldie was so well loved and understood by her owners. We can only say how very, very sad we are for this family. Gino shares some of his thoughts, photos and sadness with us in Goldie's profile.




Amando (Mar 2008-Jul 2008, Lady/Berrin) Three month old Amando was killed over during July 2008. It was a truly tragic incident where the pup was behind a vehicle and was not seen.Our heart goes out to Nancy and her family, who so loved this sweet little guy who filled their lives with so much joy over such a short time. The family's early photos and memos are in Amando's profile.






Pawpeye (Jan 2009-Jun 2009, Powder/Polar) PJ's owners were devastated when their 5 month old puppy lost his life in a hit-by-car. PJ was playing in the yard with his owner nearby, when he was startled by firecrackers let-off in the yard next door. PJ's owners rushed him to the nearby university veterinary hospital but his injuries were too severe. The owner shares his love for this beloved pup in PJ's profile.







Riley (Nov 2007-Dec 2009, Cilla/Polar) Riley was diagnosed with liver cancer, and left us on Dec 6, 2009 at the age of two. Riley's owners write “Words cannot quite express how much we miss our big guy . . . Riley has left a hole in all of our hearts . . . We wanted a big, loving, goofy dog and that's what we got . . . He would race through the woods on one of his grand adventures chasing but never catching anything. He adored his red “kong” frisbee and his stuffed "wart hog" toy . . . He was fun to watch diving and jumping through the air catching his frisbee.” You can read more about Riley on his profile.


meekaMeeka (Dec 2006-2009, Windy/Polar) Meeka passed away in 2009 from Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) and is sadly missed by her entire family. Her owner wrote us many months later, “we found some of her pictures. I was amazed at how hard it was to look at her again. I really loved her and so did my family; for all her faults she was so gentle and loving to her family and people she knew. They share her growing up years on Meeka's profile. AAKS Note: Meeka passed away in 2009 from Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) and is sadly missed by her entire family. Meeka is the only AAKS pup to have this condition. After much research on the subject and after consulting with our veterinarian, our canine fertility specialist (a working dog breeder herself), and with Michigan State University, it has been concluded this incident in our breeding program is a fluke. EPI has occurred in GSDs, but our opinion is that the occurrence of EPI in certain KSD breeders' offspring is due to their using GSDs in their breeding program (as well as re-papering GSDs as King Shepherds). Windy was bred with Polar only that one litter and that pairing will never be repeated. We strive to conduct our breeding program with full disclosure — no “smoke and mirrors” or flat-out misrepresentation.


Finn (Dec 09-Feb10, Lil' Red/Berrin) As we raised Finn, we became very attached to him. Sadly, he had megaesophagus (ME) so it was necessary for him to be euthanized. This is the only case of ME we have had in our breeding program but we want to make sure of a full disclosure of the instance. Honesty is important in every aspect of our breeding program and so will provide any further updates. Please be aware that some breeders will try to use disclosures and helpful information to try to discredit competing breeders. It is true that all KSD breeders share many of the same lines, and they have also produced ME on more than one occassion but they do not share that fact with others. It is important that, when a serious health issue such as ME arises, that the breeding pair never be bred together again — even if it occurred only one time.


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