We believe pets should be part of the family

Amy’s Acres King Shepherds is located on a small and quaint horse farm in central northern Michigan, near Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron. Our King Shepherds are raised as part of a large animal family that includes other dog breeds, horses, birds, cats, and our special favorite, a Michigan bobcat who thinks he is one of the pack.


We love to load up the Kings with a couple horses and head up to our cabin in beautiful northern Michigan, leaving a competent crew to take care of the animals left at home. One of our favorite spots to stay and ride for years is the Pigeon River National Forest (130,000 acres of Federal land), but recently we found our own little bit of paradise near the forest. Amy’s Acres King Shepherds works with various animal rescue groups. Since we feel those who turn their heads and ignore abuse assist in that abuse, we help as much as we can to provide a temporary king shepherds at playrefuge for homeless critters. Because we see this so often, we are very careful when selecting new homes for our King Shepherds; a pet companion is a lifetime commitment in our eyes, a long commitment up to twelve to fifteen years, and should be considered part of the family. As incentive to promote the best relationship between dogs, owner/families and their community, any owner whose AAKS dog achieves AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Program certification will receive a $50.00 check from us. We have a list of AAKS dogs and pups that have completed the CGC program.


The happiness and well-being of our dogs is the most important factor in all our preparations and final decisions. We require applications be completed and screened to help ensure a safe future for our dogs. We will always welcome back one of our dogs when their new guardian can no longer care for them. As an additional precaution for their welfare, Amy’s Acres is listed as the second contact on their microchips to ensure that, if one of our dogs ends up in a shelter or other sad situation, everything we can possibly do has been done to help it find its way back to us. We encourage our puppy people to correspond with us, to always keep in touch because it helps us compare their siblings’ growth, health, temperaments and personalities. In turn, we will always be available for both owners and pups, because our dogs’ happiness and well-being is our greatest concern.For current King Shepherd owners interested in having their dogs DNA tested or in having their dog’s DNA added to the database, please contact us at .


Please note that the King Shepherd breed is still very much in development, which we understand can be confusing for everyone involved. Although we are proud to be a King Shepherd Club International Breeder, in our opinion, a dog deemed Champion by Rarities Inc and North American Kennel Club (NAKC) is the true qualifier of breed standard (read the standard here), not recognition by any “club”, “organization” or “association” other than Rarities/NAKC (not even one’s own).

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