We accept only 6 pre-whelping deposits on any litter to better ensure that those who have placed deposits will get a pup. Once the litter is a week old, we then accept deposits on any remaining pups up and over the six initial deposits.


We have many new YouTube videos of our dogs and the December 2010 litter just uploaded, and still have several more that will be uploaded soon.


Also, we plan to go to a 4G phone as soon as towers are available in our area so I can receive email as they come through rather than having to make it a point to sit down at the computer which I do not do as often as I need to.


polar redred polarking shepherd pups for sale The Lil' Red / Polar litter has 2 male white long coat pups and 1 white coat female pup available. New YouTube video with narrative is posted so you can see exactly which pups are available: the (1) blue collar white male, (2) green collar white male and (3) the white collar white female. Contact us about placing a deposit for a pup (we accept PayPal), or if you have questions, call 989-387-1995. This is Lil' Red's last litter. — If you are interested in a white pup, please see ***note below.



king shepherd pups for sale The Windy /Ceasar litter has 2 plush traditional coat female pups and 1 black/tan/red sable long coat female pup available. New YouTube video with narrative is posted so you can see exactly which pups are available: (1) light colored no-collar plush coat female, (2) dark colored plush coat red collar female and (3) the black/tan/red sable long coat orange-and-white collar female. Contact us about placing a deposit for a pup (we accept PayPal), or if you have questions, call 989-387-1995. Contact us if you are interested in this litter or if you have questions.


polarpowder1104king shepherds Powder's litter arrived on Sep 6, giving us 10 Polar pups (4 female, 6 male). There are both white long coat and white plush coats. We are accepting deposits on 9 pups (6 males, 3 females) from this 2011 once-per-year litter. (We accept PayPal.) If you have questions, call 989-387-1995. Due to unexpected white pups arriving, please see ***note below.


*** We expect some of our families awaiting the all white litter may wish to advance and take one of the Red/Polar white pups, which will open up more deposits to be taken on the Powder/Polar litter, but for to be safe we are only offering 2 more deposits on the Powder/Polar litter.


We are the only King Shepherd breeder who intentionally breeds for white coats, and we have only one white litter per year. (Occasionally a white pup "sport" may be born to a pairing of two of our traditionally colored Kings.) With the help of UC-Davis (who does our dogs' DNA profiling), we have established that Polar not only carries the recessive white gene but also the dominant black gene. This means that when we breed for a litter of white pups we get white pups. There is increasing interest in our white King Shepherds, since we are the only King Shepherd breeder in the world to have these unique King Shepherd Breeding Dogs of white color. Check out one-year-old Bono (now living in Germany) from the first Powder/Polar litter for a good example of what you can expect from these parents. NOTE: Although the white coat is a disqualifying color by the KSD breed standard (as it is for the common white GSD and long coated shepherds), there are no health, hip, or temperament issues with white King Shepherds different from the traditional colored coated KSDs. They are the same as any other King Shepherd, they just have a white coat. (MORE)


puppies for sale


We'd like to point out that, since our pups are starting to go to families where transport requires rabies quarantine time, we are more than willing to accommodate our families regarding the quarantine formality — and (most important to us) we do it so the pups are not sitting in a quarantine cage. Thank you to all our wonderful, loving families!


puppies for sale


Pinto mare available for adoption to the right home – This nice good-sized mare needs a new home due to problems of her owner suffering a broken leg. She has had only two owners (the first one died). She is 16 years old, white & brown with some black in her tail, and has one watch eye. (Picture will be posted soon.) She has a great temperament and no vices other than being at times a bit hard to catch. She is well-rounded in the saddle, road safe to water safe on the trails.


puppies for sale


rainOfficially on the job!

After the death of Rain's first owner, she came back to our farm, but soon found a new home that utilizes her talent and personality as we'd intended. She is now a member of the Indiana Department of Mental Health & Addiction K9 Assisted Crisis Response Team. Her first job with the team was to appear with her handler at a blessing of animals in Mishawaka. She loves to work with Hospice and nursing home patients. She appeared on local TV as part of a Wake Service honoring a fallen police officer (a video of that appears here). We are so pleased Rain has gone to such a good home and is following in her mom Cilla's paw prints, spreading compassion as a therapy dog.


puppies for sale


We have updated our adopted animals pages with horses Lilly & Duke and Kyra the 4 year old female bobcat now residing at the nearby AZA acclaimed Saginaw Children's Zoo in Saginaw, Michigan. Kyra's story is that of most exotic pets, starting with the owner thinking it fun and exciting to have a non-domestic animal to show off to family and friends. Very soon, though, Kyra (like most exotic pets) grew at remarkable rate and quickly become too difficult to handle, creating a dangerous situation for her and her owner. The truth is, you can take the animal from the wild, but you can't remove its natural wildness. ( We have been told our local WNEM TV5 wants to do a story on Kyra so if/when we hear the details, we will let you know and perhaps get a copy of the story to add to Kyra's page.)


therapy dog


Our King Shepherd puppies are raised to be good canine citizens

An Amy’s Acres King Shepherd puppy is born in and resides in our home until, sometime after the age of eight weeks, the pup leaves to be with its new families. Our King Shepherd puppies go to their new homes accompanied with veterinarian health certificates and hip guarantees, and are vaccinated, wormed, and microchipped. We are confident that our puppies start life strong and healthy because their parents are bred only after reaching the correct maturity and after being “given the OK” by our veterinarians.


Our own King Shepherds attend obedience classes and go everywhere with us, so they are well-socialized. They are health, hip, temperament and DNA tested, and this information is readily available to potential owners prior to their decision to add one of our pups to their family.


Please note that the King Shepherd breed is still very much in development, which we understand can be confusing for everyone involved. Although we are proud to be a King Shepherd Club International Breeder, in our opinion, a dog deemed Champion by Rarities Inc and North American Kennel Club (NAKC) is the true qualifier of breed standard, not recognition by any “club”, “organization” or “association” other than Rarities/NAKC (not even one’s own). A great place to start learning about the breed is to visit the King Shepherd Club International forum where KSD owners and breeders respectfully share information, ask questions and contribute to learning about this wonderful breed.


By clicking on any dog’s picture on the “Our Shepherds” page, you will be taken to that dog’s profile where you will find photos and info about the dog, its parents and siblings, and its pedigrees. As we update each King Shepherd’s profile, we will post health/hip and training certificates, and DNA information as it becomes available.


Amy’s Acres King Shepherds is located on a small farm in central northern Michigan, near Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron. Our King Shepherds are raised as part of a large animal family that includes other dog breeds, horses, birds, cats, and our special favorite, a Michigan bobcat who thinks he is one of the pack. We also foster and help place unwanted animals. You can read more about us and our mission on the About AAKS page. We hope you enjoy your journey through our site and we thank you for your interest in our lovely King Shepherds.


king shepherd puppy line


We are looking for potential King Shepherds to incorporate into our breeding program. Please e-mail or call for further details. All inquiries are welcome.


This page updated 10/17/11




All AAKS puppy owners PLEASE read this message how to check with / re-register in the HomeAgain microchip program! You may not be in their database!


cilla Looking for AAKS puppy owners with YouTube videos of their KSD. E-mail us with the link and we will put it on you dog's profile page to share with other AAKS puppy owners.


Here are video and album links to our own King Shepherd puppy litters and our adult dogs, as well as other critters and rescues here at Amy's Acres.


White Coat FAQ


King Shepherd Forum


The KSD Hip Dysplasia Controversy


Canine Bloat/Int. Twisting


Canine Panosteitis


AAKS Dogs CGC Listing


Sometimes I get behind on my email replies embarrassed . Read this note on how to contact me at any time!


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Dakota (Anna/Zack 09/07)

Zorro (Lady/Berrin 09/06)

Onyx (Hillary/Polar 03/08)

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Vegas (Lil' Red/Polar 12/10)

Guinness (Anna/Zack 09/08)

Wolfgang (Lil' Red/Berrin 12/09)

Shadow (Cilla/Onyx 06/09)

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Dozer (Lil' Red/Ranger 03/08)

Max (Powder/Polar 02/10)

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Komet (Lil' Red/Berrin 12/09)

Maera (Powder/Polar 01/09)

Scout (Powder/Polar 01/09)

Dallas (Cilla/Onyx 06/09)

Breeze (Windy/Polar 12/06)

Zoey (Powder/Polar 02/10)


Over the past few weeks :

Raven (Powder/Polar 02/10)

Maera (Powder/Polar 02/10)

Tor (Powder/Polar 02/10)

Nikki (Powder/Polar 02/10)

Rommel (Windy/Berrin 12/08)

Bolt (Windy/Jack 12/09)

Zeke (Anna/Zack 09/08)

Breeze (Windy/Polar 12/10)

Obi (Windy/Jack 12/09)

Leisel (Powder/Polar 02/19/

Thunder (Windy/Jack 12/09)

Jonah (Windy/Jack 12/09)

Joker (Windy/Jack 12/09)

Ricken (Hillary/Polar 03/08)

Storm (Anna/Zack 09/07)

Sparkle (Lady/Berrin 03/08)

Sopheara (Powder/Polar 01/09)

Indy (Cilla/Onyx 06/09)

Bono (Powder/Polar 01/09)

Meeka (Cilla/Onyx 06/09)



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